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August 5th, 2022: Making The Quest 2 Business-friendly With Meta Accounts

Welcome back, today we are going to be discussing how shifting to the new Meta accounts will help streamline your enterprise or business application use with the Quest 2 headsets. Previously, users and businesses were required to have an active Facebook account associated with each headset they have activated. As of this month, Meta has shifted to only requiring a Meta account.

So how is this any different, you still need an account right? Well, you aren't wrong there. Meta will still be collecting just as much information about your usage as they were before, if not even more now, however you won't be required to link any of your information to a real profile of yours. This makes using the headset for multiple people much easier, as you do not have to reformat the headset or setup complex passwords to share the headset.

Meta recently promised the only requirements for building a Meta profile are an active email account, entering in the 'required information' such as username, date of birth, etc., and the creation of an avatar. All three items will be required for every Meta account, but since the account does not need to be tied to a real person, businesses can create a unique account for their business now.

To find out more about how to set up your devices for enterprise solutions or to learn more about how to set your privacy settings, look through our other blog posts or contact D3D today!

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