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July 20th, 2022: Steam VR Fest, Boneworks Review

Thank you for tuning into today's post! Today we are continuing our review series of the Steam VR Fest sale that is happening right now by taking a look at Boneworks and giving you all a detailed review of our experience playing it. The game was published in 2019 by Stress Level Zero and is one of the best single-player first person shooters in VR on the market (no, not better than HLA). The game is essentially a physics playground with a FPS skin thrown on top. You can expect to interact with most of the environment in more ways than one!

It is recommended to set up the game before diving right in, as some of the technical settings can tweak the game in just the right way that bricks your experience. As mentioned, the game's physics are some of the best in the industry so it can be very demanding on your hardware while playing the game. Ensuring you have all your graphics settings dialed in is a must (definitely depends on the headset, this review was tested with a Quest 2/Link and HP Reverb G2).

Once you have the settings dialed in, sit or stand back and enjoy the experience! So what exactly will you be doing? The game has several game modes to enjoy once you have finished the story. It is recommended to play through the story first before diving into any of the extra content. In the story you can expect a decent amount of time required to play all the way through. It starts off a little slow, but that's ok because you are going to enjoy exploring the start area and seeing all the different game mechanics in some truly innovative ways!

The training area really walks you through each mechanic with areas set aside for each system (hand-2-hand, shooting, walking, jumping, climbing, etc.).

Making it through the tutorial area you are rewarded with even more puzzles and interesting environments to go through. We won't spoil the story for you, but it can get a little meta (no relation to Facebook). Story aside, the gun mechanics are pretty fantastic and the benchmark for most of the newer titles on the market. From the reloading process to handling the gun with physics based hands, it is readily apparent the developers wanted realism to help immerse their players.

So what other aspects of the game made it take the top seat in FPS titles? Well another great aspect is the full virtual body (yes it works with full body tracking systems) that actually impacts how you interact with the virtual environment. The other aspect of the game that really draws you in is the level design. Most levels are designed with non-linearity, meaning you can reach the end in whatever fashion you desire, sometimes with some pretty comical results. This also ensures no play-through is ever the same, since you can explore different paths on each play-through. Contact us today to find out how we have implemented some of these fantastic game mechanics into our prototype applications today!

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