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July 21st, 2022: Steam VR Fest, Pavlov Review

Thank you for tuning into today's post! Today we are continuing our review series of the Steam VR Fest sale that is happening right now by taking a look at Pavlov and giving you a detailed review. Pavlov is a multiplayer shooter on the Steam store (not to be confused with Pavlov Shack on Quest 2). Essentially, it is like Counterstrike in virtual reality or for those younger readers, Call of Duty.

The game comes stock with a multiplayer mode and several single player modes to get you ready for the multiplayer action. The single player modes are zombies, shooting range, terrorist hunt, and a killhouse for training those twitch reflexes. While engaging and helpful to learn the controls, the single player modes are very basic and the AI in zombies and terrorist hunt is almost non-existent, but that doesn't really matter for a multiplayer heavy game like this.

So how does the multiplayer stack up? Well for starters there are over 10 different game modes (standard) to choose from, plus custom servers so there is limitless possibilities for game modes. The game modes at the time of this writing are: deathmatch, gun game, ww2 gun game, one in the chamber, search and destroy, team deathmatch, tank team deathmatch, king of the hill, ttt, zombies, the hidden, infection, push, prophunt, and capture the flag. We weren't lying when we told you there was a lot of content here.

Multiplayer modes aside, there are way more impressive aspects of the game to talk about. The guns are super realistic with physical reload processes for each weapon, including the M249 which is just a blast to reload especially in the heat of battle. Speaking of the guns, there are over 30 different guns and new ones are being added to the list every update. Head on over to the single player modes to get familiar with all the different weapons and their attachments: sights, grips, flashlights, lasers, etc.

How does the realism feel? It is a little mixed between arcade and realistic game play. For example, a headshot will typically give a one-shot kill, however if you have armor (helmet included) a headshot may take 2-shots to kill then target (if you hit them in the helmet instead of the face). Leg and arm shots do far less damage than body shots, although depending on the weapon some require more impacts than others.

Overall, this game is a great multiplayer FPS and is highly recommended. The Steam VR Fest is a great time to grab it, especially while it is 80% off! Until next time!

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