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August 4th, 2022: Update Your Quest 2 Privacy Settings

Meta's recent announcement to no longer require Facebook logins for Quest 2 access may just be smoke and mirrors (because you still need a Meta account), but the company is likely to continue tracking similar things and continue to offer the same privacy settings. It is important to ensure that these privacy settings are set to a level that you are most comfortable with. Here's how to take a look at what privacy settings are currently set and what data Meta collects on your devices.

Where do I find the privacy settings? You have a variety of ways to access your privacy settings. You can access these settings through the Oculus app (Open app > Menu tab on bottom bar > Settings button > Privacy settings button) on your mobile phone, visiting the Oculus Privacy Center in a web browser, and from your headset (Oculus button > Settings button in control center > scroll until you find 'privacy settings').

At time of writing the options are currently limited to your app usage and login activity, but these settings may change as Meta updates their terms of service and adds/removes features of the device. For full details see the options and what they do below:

1) Who will see your activity on Oculus?

This controls how your current activity in VR is displayed on your profile (what app you are using). Turning this off will prevent others from seeing what apps you use. You can set it to 'only me' for that.

2) Who can see your friends list on Oculus?

This controls who sees your list of Oculus friends on your Oculus profile. Changing this to 'only me' prevents users you do not know from seeing who your friends are.

3) Who will see your Facebook name on Oculus?

This controls which name people will see associated with your Oculus profile. This has the same options as others, and 'only me' prevents others from seeing your 'real name'

4) Who can receive push notifications to know when you're active in VR and your activity?

This controls whether your friends can get notifications about what you've done recently on your headset. Anything from your recent achievement to trying a new app, the user will get a ping about your usage history. Turning it to 'only me' prevents that from happening.

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