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Immersive Virtual Reality Training

We're thrilled to present our latest ongoing project: a cutting-edge virtual reality application designed specifically for nurse training simulations at East Tennessee Children's Hospital. This pioneering immersive virtual reality application will empower nurses with the ability to learn, practice, and perfect crucial skills within the immersive, risk-free realm of virtual reality.​ Developed in direct partnership with East Tennessee Children's Hospital, this application aims to significantly enhance the preparation and competency of nursing staff within the East Tennessee Children's Hospital system. Through highly interactive simulations, nurses can perform a range of procedural tasks and respond to different clinical scenarios, all while receiving real-time feedback.​This ground-breaking project not only exemplifies our commitment to driving innovation in the field of extended reality, but it also underscores our passion for leveraging technology to enhance healthcare education and ultimately, patient care.

-SP, Organization

Safety Quest
Immersive Virtual Reality Training

We're excited to introduce Safety Quest, an innovative virtual reality application transforming the realm of safety training within the construction industry. Created in partnership with Performance Contracting Inc., Safety Quest is designed to deliver immersive, realistic training experiences, emphasizing potential hazards and best practices within the controlled confines of a virtual construction site. Safety Quest utilizes the immersive power of VR, enabling trainees to navigate simulated construction sites, identify potential risks, and master safety protocols in a risk-free environment. This immersive approach facilitates more engaging and effective training, which can translate into safer practices and improved productivity on actual job sites. With Safety Quest, we're leveraging advanced technology to pioneer a safer and more prepared construction industry, intertwining cutting-edge tech with essential educational objectives, all in close collaboration with industry experts at Performance Contracting Inc.

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Motor Behavior Lab XR
Immersive Virtual Reality Motor Behavior and Kinesiology Research

We're excited to present Motor Behavior XR, an innovative application crafted in collaboration with the dedicated researchers from the Department of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport Studies at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Motor Behavior XR equips the researchers at the Motor Behavior Lab with a suite of applications for extended reality hardware. Compatible with a diverse range of platforms - including Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality (WMR), Steam, and more - it serves as a multifaceted tool for exploration and research in the realm of kinesiology and sport studies. By integrating advanced XR technologies, Motor Behavior XR is enabling research teams to delve deeper into their studies, broadening their capabilities and driving their innovative work forward.

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Immersive Virtual Reality Marketing Research

Presenting RideShare, an innovative virtual reality application developed for the Oculus Quest 2 platform, crafted in collaboration with the dedicated researchers at the Haslam College of Business, University of Tennessee Knoxville. This groundbreaking application plunges users into the authentic simulation of a ride-sharing driver's role during a typical passenger pick-up scenario. RideShare offers a highly interactive experience, placing participants directly in the driver's seat. Users can engage with their virtual vehicle, adjusting controls and interacting with their passenger in a realistic setting. This application provides an unmatched opportunity to explore the dynamics of ride-sharing from a driver's perspective, enhancing understanding and research in this growing field. Immerse yourself in the unique world of RideShare and experience the everyday challenges and intricacies of a ride-sharing driver firsthand.

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Maze of Magic
Immersive Virtual Reality Gaming

Step into the enchanting world of Maze of Magic, an exhilarating extended reality game that fuses immersive technology with a heart-racing adventure. Players are plunged into a treacherous labyrinth teeming with daunting hazards, cunning foes, and secret traps. In this gripping quest, players are tasked with locating keys dispersed within the labyrinth's many sectors to unlock the exit and secure their escape. Through an intuitive control system, spell-casting mechanics, and strategic gameplay, players must ingeniously navigate through the maze, outmaneuver adversaries, and wield potent spells to prevail. Maze of Magic intricately weaves the intrigue of exploration with the thrill of extended reality technology, crafting a gaming experience that is truly unforgettable. Immerse yourself in the fantastical realm of Maze of Magic, and put your wits to the test in this riveting extended reality expedition!

Explore Maze of Magic now on the Meta Quest store!

"Hours of fun! This game has so much potential. The maze is fun and challenging to get through. There’s utility spells that help you get through the maze, avoiding traps or destroying a wall to make a new path. Can’t wait for the maze generator feature! Awesome little game you can just spend hours playing without realizing."
-Mac404, 5 Star App Lab Review

"Interesting concept! Fun game with a lot of potential. I like how you have to look at the spell scroll and memorize the order of buttons to press in order to cast spells. Excited to see what the next update is gonna be!"

-PayDayAJ21, 5 Star App Lab Review

Wacky Bird
Immersive Virtual Reality Gaming

Step into the loony world of Wacky Bird, an exhilarating extended reality game that fuses immersive exercise with gaming. Players flap their wings down an endless tunnel attempting to take the top spot on the leaderboard for longest distance flapped. The game was motivated by FlappyBird, a popular mobile phone game and built for the Meta Quest 2 platform.

Explore Maze of Magic now on the Meta Quest store!

HERE Experience
Immersive Virtual Reality Virtual Education

In collaboration with the Technology Enhanced Education Team at the Haslam College of Business, University of Tennessee Knoxville, we are spearheading the creation of the Haslam Extended Reality Education (HERE) Experience. This innovative venture aims to transport education into the realm of virtual reality. The HERE Experience allows for dynamic class sessions hosting up to 30 students and a lecturer, held within various immersive virtual worlds captured with cutting-edge reality equipment. It facilitates interactive learning through 360-degree video content, enabling users to plunge into guided training sessions. Moreover, it supports traditional learning methods by seamlessly integrating PowerPoint presentations and 2D videos.

Our system is complete with voice chat and full-body tracking avatars, creating a comprehensive and engaging virtual learning environment. With the HERE Experience, we are not just shaping the future of education; we're making it a reality.

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-Some Person, Haslam College of Business, Organization

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